Concealed Carry Permits: What Gun Owners Should Know

Posted on: 4 February 2016


Obtaining your concealed carry license allows you to carry a handgun in your purse, glove box, or in any number of ways while being hidden from view. In order to carry a gun this way, you must follow through with a series of steps to get your license. Here is what all gun owners need to know when considering getting their concealed carry permit.

How To Get The Permit

The laws vary state by state when it comes to getting a concealed carry license, but almost every state requires you to pass a test. This test can be held in a classroom or entirely online depending on the state laws. You will need to know and demonstrate your understanding of proper gun safety, handling, and storage. Some tests also require you to shoot your handgun in a gun range while in the presence of an instructor. Once you've passed the test, you must submit an application for the license to the local court house. The application and proof that you've passed the test will need to be notarized and then you will receive an official license upon approval.

Crossing State Lines

If you plan to travel with your firearm into other states, it's important to know that the concealed laws vary. For example. if you live in Virginia and have a permit but you drive to New York, you may not be able to have your gun concealed once you cross state lines. You should always check the individual laws of each state you plan to travel in or through to ensure that you're not in violation of their concealment laws or else you could face a heavy fine or even jail time.

How Long The Permit Lasts

A concealed carry permit can last for one year or as long as five years or more, depending on the state. Some states require you to renew your license every so often just to ensure that you have not committed a crime since the license was last issued. You should check with your state's laws to determine how long your permit is good for. Make a note of when the license expires so that you will be ready to re-apply when it's up for renewal. This will prevent any gaps in your license expiring and can keep you out of trouble. Having a concealed carry permit can save your life if you encounter a criminal and they are a good option for women who want to have extra protection. Check with your state's laws to apply for your permit so that you can legally carry your firearm concealed. 

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