Use Outdoor Planters To Dress Up Your Yard For Christmas

Posted on: 21 December 2015


When dressing up your yard for Christmas, you probably use Christmas lights, blow up decorations, lights, and much more. You can also use outdoor planters to add to your decorations in many ways. Follow the tips below, and you will have your yard all dressed up and ready for Christmas.

Front Entry Way

Purchase large outdoor planters that are red, green, gold, or silver to place on either side of your front door. Because it is winter, you will likely have to use artificial flowers to put in your planters, unless you live in a warm part of the country. Poinsettias look nice, with some Christmas berries added in. Red velvet Amaryllis also work well. Visit a craft store to see all the artificial Christmas flowers they have available.  Place some foam inside the planter, and arrange the flowers anyway you wish. Add some pinecones when you are finished to make it look even nicer.

Full of Presents

Find three empty cardboard boxes going from large to small. Use an icepick to poke a hole in the center of each box. This is so you can stick a long rebar through the middle of the boxes to hold them in place while they are in the planter.

Wrap the three empty boxes with beautiful Christmas paper. Put a large red bow on the top box leaving the ribbons long enough so they fall down the sides of the boxes.  Put some foam in the planter, stack the boxes on top of the planter in the way you want them, and stick the rebar through the holes down into the foam to secure the boxes.

Evergreen Planters

Purchase large outdoor planters online and fill them full of foam. Pick up random sticks in your yard and set them aside. Purchase enough strands of garland to spread across the planter. Gather together some round ball ornaments in varying sizes.

Lay the sticks you gathered on some newspaper outside or in a garage. Spray them well with spray paint. Paint some of the sticks red and some silver. Make sure you paint them on all sides. Do the same with the ornament balls you have, painting them silver and red. Give them time to completely dry.

Lay the evergreen on top of the foam in the planter spreading it out so it covers it. Stick the sticks you painted randomly through the foam and garland, and then place the ornaments all around.  Tie a large red bow around the planter. If you have access to electricity, wrap a few mini Christmas lights throughout the sticks, garland, and ornaments.

If you are having problems finding outdoor planters, you will be able to find a variety of them online in all shapes, colors, and sizes. When Christmas is over, you can use the planters for spring and summer flowers.