Unique DIY Birdhouses, Bird Feeders, And Birdbaths

Posted on: 11 November 2015


Having wild birds in your yard is soothing and always entertaining. To encourage wild birds to come to your yard, you need to provide them with a place to nest, some good food, and a place to take a bath. Here are some inexpensive ways to build your own birdhouses, bird feeders, and birdbaths:

  • Wooden Birdhouse — A wooden birdhouse can be built out of wood scraps, small tree branches and even popsicle sticks. Use a large coffee can, plastic water bottle, or wooden box for a substrate and glue wood scraps or branches on the outside for a rustic look. Once you have your wooden birdhouse built, screw in an eye hook at the top of the birdhouse as a hanging mechanism. Thread a piece of wire through the eye hook to attach your birdhouse to a tree branch. 
  • Gourd Birdhouse — A dried gourd can be converted into an excellent birdhouse. After 3 to 6 months, you can shake a gourd and hear the seeds rattle inside. This sound is an indication that the gourd is completely dry. At this point, drill a 1-1/2 inch to 2-inch entrance hole in the side of the gourd. Also, drill 2 smaller holes (about 1/4 inch in diameter) near the stem of the gourd. Thread a piece of wire through the 2 small holes near the stem and tie it in a knot to form a hanger. Paint or stain the gourd any way that you want and then seal the entire gourd with polyurethane so that it is weatherproof. Hang the gourd from a branch of a tree near a bird feeder. Again, it is best to hang multiple gourd birdhouses together to encourage more birds to come and live in your yard.
  • Ceramic Bird Feeder — A bird feeder can be built from any large cup, bowl or ceramic teapot without a lid. Use a large metal O-ring on the bottom of the ceramic bowl and thread a leather thong or wire through it 4 times to make a long hanger. Tie the four pieces of leather or wire together at the top to form a pyramid hanger. Hang the feeder from any tree branch or window awning. 
  • Canvas Bird Feeder — You can use a pre-stretched canvas on stretcher bars to make a great bird feeder. Purchase a pre-stretched canvas at any art supply store. Turn the pre-stretched canvas upside down so the stretcher bars are on top and the canvas surface is facing the ground and you have an excellent flat surface bird feeder. Attach four eye hooks to the four corners of the Canvas to hang the feeder from a tree or even a window awning. Fill the canvas bird feeder with oil sunflower seeds and millet and birds will flock to your feeder.  
  • Terracotta Birdbath - Nest 3 terracotta flower pots (of different sizes) into each other to form a tall pyramid. Flip the pots upside down so that the top of the largest flower pot is on the ground. Take a large terracotta drip saucer and place it on top of the upside down flower pots. Fill the drip saucer with clean water and you have an excellent birdbath. 

Having birds come to your yard each day is a delightful way to be in nature and learn about all the different bird species that live in your location. If you have a few birdhouses, bird feeders, and a birdbath in your yard, you will hear wonderful bird songs and be entertained for hours each day. It is a great way to learn about nature.