Picking The Perfect Spa Items As A Christmas Gift

Posted on: 21 October 2015


Christmas time is just around the corner. As soon as the last piece of Halloween candy has been eaten, it's time to start on your shopping list for the holidays. For all of the special people on your list, why not treat them to an array of spa items that they can use at home? Anyone on your list who appreciates pampering will love receiving a gift basket full of items to turn their home bathroom or bedroom into a spa experience. For best results, pick a basket of items that are perfectly tailored to each person's needs. Not sure where to start? The following list is full of helpful hints on picking out a spa gift basket.

What is going on in that person's life right now?

One of the easiest ways to narrow down what should go in a gift basket is to acknowledge any overarching life themes that are occurring in the life of intended gift recipient. Is your best friend pregnant? Focus on picking out items that center around this such as lotion for swollen feet or fancy stretch mark cream. Include items that encourage her to relax and indulge herself such as bubble bath. Some other themes to pick items around are things like stress relief or beautification. For a stress relief basket, you might pick items that contain calming scents such as lavender. Lavender bath salts and a lavender candle would make a relaxing bath recipe. Throw in lavender lotion and a calming face mask, and you have a nice gift basket to help your friend or family member unwind. For a spa basket that focuses on beauty, include a face mask that tightens pores, a deep moisturizing hair mask, and a beautiful color of nail polish.

Pick scents that the gift recipient will enjoy

Before you purchase a spa gift basket, it is imperative that you do some reconnaissance work. If you are able to visit the gift recipient's home, stop by the bathroom to explore what types of soaps, lotions, and perfumes are stored there. This will give you an idea of what kind of scents the spa items can be. Many people are sensitive to artificial scents or scents in general. It's best to stick to a scent family that you know they like or to purchase unscented items when in doubt. In general, natural scents are more tolerable and are less likely to be perceived as cloying or allergenic.

Now that you have a few tips on how to put together a spa gift basket, make a list of all the people in your life that deserve a spa day and get to shopping.