Which Decorative Indoor Planters You Need To Transform A Tired Interior Space

Posted on: 11 August 2015


When you want to make an appealing transformation indoors with simple and affordable accouterments, you should look no further than decorative planters. Indoor decorative planters go way beyond metallic plant stands and simple terracotta tones to include everything from antique nostalgia to contemporary takes on classic design. So if you're looking for something different in decorating and like the idea of bringing plants indoors, consider a few decorative planters you need to transform your tired interior.

Go For Glass

Glass planters are the perfect marriage of sophistication and utility, giving you a way to display plants instead of simply bringing them inside. Glass planters are popular for decorating tabletops with a terrarium, which can either be open or closed to allow air inside. Terrariums are both fun and beautiful to look at, giving you the perfect ornamental addition for a room that needs a view. If you'd rather hang your indoor plants, glass planters can also be found in hanging versions that provide a light, elegant look that's space-saving and cool.

The Sky's The Limit

With easy maintenance and unconventional design, sky planters are an upside down take on the usual. Sky planters give you an unusual chance to hang flowers, herbs, and even edibles, like tomatoes, into an arrangement above your kitchen, patio, or any place you'd like to bring new energy. Sky planters hang the plant upside down through a specially-contained pot that does not leak water, soil, or nutrients onto your floor, so you can enjoy the arrangement and design an interesting display without cleaning up the mess.

When You Have Hang-ups

Like sky planters, hanging boxes and vertical gardens offer you a way to decorate your indoors in a novel way while still saving space. If you're addicted to unconventional ideas, hanging boxes can be the answer to your design blues.

Hanging boxes can either be made with basic framing materials you'd find at a hardware store, or they can be purchased complete. And whether you choose smaller hanging boxes or wall-sized vertical gardens, you'll have a self-contained, easy-to-maintain alternative for indoor planting. They can also be changed with different plants throughout seasons or after blooms, so you max out the color and textural presentation on any whim.

Though large-scale vertical gardens that are wall-sized may make unrealistic lighting and maintenance demands on a small interior, smaller hanging boxes can be placed in a space as small as a picture frame. And small hanging boxes can be filled with anything from flower arrangements for eye-catching color to herb and succulent gardens that are low-maintenance and unique.