Here's Two Cents: Four Tips On Your Quest For Valuable Indian Head Coins

Posted on: 24 July 2015


If you want to have some cents and be rewarded, Indian Head coins can be a great place to start. Indian Heads have been featured on pennies, nickels and gold coins. While some of these can be worth a small fortune, others are not worth two cents. Here are some things to look for on your quest for pennies that are worth saving:

1. Valuable Coins To Look For With Indian Heads

There are many valuable Indian Head cents; the most valuable will be pennies from odd years with limited production and proofs in excellent condition. Other coins like buffalo nickels can also be very valuable. The grade, date and rarity of coins also can affect their value. A basic rule of thumb is the rarer the coin, and the better the condition, the more valuable it will be.

2. Know Grading Of Coin Condition To Find Best Cents

Grading coins can be tricky, but there is a basic way to grade the condition of Indian Head cents. This is by examining the detail of the Indian Head, which on the band says LIBERTY. Depending on how well the letters of LIBERTY can be made out, the coin is graded with a certain rating. The rating can range from very good, where only some letters can be made out, to extremely good, where all the letters can be seen clearly.

3. Search For Uncirculated Coins Of The Most Value

The most valuable Indian Head coins will be uncirculated. This change has been stored in mint bags of pennies or nickels. Because these coins have been uncirculated, they are usually in the best condition. There are also some coins that may have a rating of nearly uncirculated due to them being hidden away some place and not having years of wear.

4. Collect Rare And Unusual Finds To Add To Coin Collections

Rare and unusual Indian Head cents will be the best and most valuable coins. These can be gems like the nickels featuring a buffalo with a missing leg. Other factors depend on things like the mints where coins were made. For example, where there was less production, coins have more value. Errors from stamping the coins can also make them rarer and more valuable.

Collecting pennies can be a great way to get started coin collecting. If you are interested in something that is different, rare and unique, contact a vendor of Indian Head cents, like Penny Pincher Coins & Jewelry, to get started building your collection for pennies on the dollar.