Get A Unique Bird House For The Whole Family To Enjoy

Posted on: 19 March 2015


With spring quickly approaching, many people are hoping to attract birds to their windows and patios. A bird house can be a great educational tool that your children will love. They can learn to identify different bird species. They will enjoy seeing these visitors on a daily basis. There are a number of stylish and unique bird houses that you can find on the Internet and at retail stores.

You can buy bird houses that are pre-made, or you can buy bird house kits at craft stores. If you are looking for a more intense weekend craft project, you can make your own wooden bird house from scratch:

Premade Bird Houses

Premade bird houses are the easiest option. They come fully assembled, all you have to do is put the seed in place. Most retail stores sell bird feeders, but they have a very limited selection of actual bird houses. Bird houses are much more fun and imaginative than bird feeders, especially for young children!

If you are looking for a unique premade bird house, you should shop at local nurseries and garden centers. Garden centers usually source many of their plants and accessories from local artisans. You can buy a premade bird house from a local producer and feel good about contributing to the local artisans in a small way.

Bird House Assembly Kits

Bird house assembly kits are can be fun and easy projects. These kits are usually made out of lightweight wood. They are easy to assemble and they did not require any heavy tools. The best part about these assembly kits is that you get to paint the bird house whatever color you want! It'll probably just take a few minutes to assemble the house, but you could spend several hours painting all the different colors.

Making a Bird House From Scratch

The best part about making a birdhouse in scratches that you have complete freedom to designed it however you want. Making a bird house from scratch will obviously be a lot more difficult because you will need to cut the wood. Lightweight woods, like balsa or cypress are a good idea because they are easy to cut. You can make detailed cuts with a small handsaw. You also need to buy all of the screws and glue to put the house together. It Is your perfect chance to build yourself the dream home… just don't get hung up on the fact that this home is only big enough for the birds!