Helpful Steps When Looking For An Engagement Ring For Your Significant Other

Posted on: 25 February 2015


As a man, one of the biggest decisions you have to make in life is what ring to get your significant other. Take these important steps to make the right decision.

Get Help from Jewelry Appraisal Company

If you are going to be buying your ring from a pawn shop, it's critical to get it appraised before paying anything. Otherwise, you may be paying more than the ring is worth, and for all you know, the ring could not be authentic.

To see if the pawn shop's ring is real and worth the valued price, you can take it to a jewelry appraisal company like The Jackels Collection Inc. Professionals at these shops will inspect the carat size, type of diamond and metals that surround the diamond. You will get a written record of all of these details, including the price. You can then show up to the pawn shop and bargain with them if you need to.

Consider the Different Metals

The diamond is obviously important to consider, but so are the metals that surround and hold the diamond in place. Today, you have a lot of good options to go with. Some of the most popular metals today include gold and platinum.

Platinum is more durable than gold, but it's going to cost more. Over the years, it's not going to fade, so you can rest assured the elegant look of your wife's ring holds up. Gold is a softer type of metal, and it comes in either yellow or white. White gold looks like platinum — it won't cost as much, but it will likely fade to a yellowish color with wear.

Establish a Budget

One of the most important steps you can take when preparing to buy an engagement ring is to establish a budget. This makes the buying process a little easier when you go to a jewelry store. Much like with cars, you can sometimes bargain with the jeweler in order for the price to be lowered. 

A lot of people and companies out there say you should spend a couple of month's pay on a ring. This is not true, and if you are not careful, you could put yourself into a financial hole. Instead, buy a ring that you can truly afford. As you get older, you can always upgrade your wife's ring if you want. You might want to get help from a financial advisor to help you see what's within your budget.