3 Creative Uses For Picture Frames

Posted on: 5 February 2015


Are you the type of person who loves finding fun, creative uses for things? If so, and if you've got some picture frames lying around your home, then you're in luck; there are all kinds of fun and unique DIY projects you can take on with nothing more than an old picture frame and some basic supplies. Give some or all of these fun ideas a try in your own home!

Make a Corkboard

One of the most practical uses for an old picture frame is to turn it into a corkboard that you can use in your home office or anywhere else around the house. There are several ways to transform your old picture frame into a corkboard. The easiest way is to simply purchase a roll of adhesive cork (which you can easily find at your local craft store) and stick it to the backing of the picture frame itself. Then, remove the glass front of the frame and you have your very own, DIY corkboard.

If you want to get really fancy with it, consider saving up wine corks and hot-gluing them to the photo frame backing for an even more unique look.

Create a Jewelry Holder

Another fun option for an old photo frame is to turn it into a holder for your jewelry (especially earrings). This is another simple transformation that requires just a couple of materials: thumbtacks and a roll of mesh. Start by removing the glass from the photo frame. Then, cut a sheet of the mesh to fit over the existing backing of the frame (you can paint the backing first, if you'd like). Then, use the thumb tacks to secure the mesh into place on each corner of the frame. From there, you can hook your earrings and other jewelry through the mesh and keep your accessories on display in a unique way!

Make a Serving Tray

Finally, consider transforming a set of three or more larger photo frames into serving trays. This is a fun project because you can paint or dress up your old frames however you want. Then, simply pick out some fun textured paper from your local craft store. Cut it to fit into the frame (just as you would a picture) and place the paper between the frame and the backing. To make your new tray water resistant, consider spraying it with a coat of clear polymer. From there, you can serve up coffee, tea, dessert, or anything else to your house guests in style! Talk to places like Hoosier Highlander for more custom picture framing ideas.