New Skills For A New Year: What You Can Do

Posted on: 28 January 2015


When many people reach adulthood, they feel like the time to learn new things has come and gone. They think that learning new skills or concepts is only for their childhood and school years. However, learning new skills, developing hobbies, and uncovering new talents is not only possible during adulthood, but vital to your health. The human brain needs to exercised in order to stay fully operational. So, if you want to remain sharp and coherent for as many years as possible, learning and pushing the brain to work harder is vital. Take the opportunity at the beginning of this year to set learning goals for yourself, and choose new skills to try and master. 

Learn To Play A Musical Instrument

Learning to play musical instruments and learning to read music are like learning a whole new language. You will be learning the physical skills necessary to play your instrument of choice and learning to read the notes and pauses on a page to create a melody.

Learning music and to play an instrument can help you with mental focus and attention, and can even improve your reading comprehension and math abilities. In other words, the brain benefits from playing musical instruments are numerous and can help you in all facets of your daily life. 

While you may feel that you cannot afford to purchase a musical instrument to learn on, there are many ways to get a quality musical instrument at a discounted cost. Try going to local pawn shops, like Wilmington Jewelry & Loan. Many people sell their old musical instruments when they either no longer have use for them or when they upgrade to a new or different model. You may also want to try secondhand stores and garage sales to find a low priced musical instrument.

Learn Archery Or Other Weaponry Skills

Archery has recently gone from an archaic pastime to a popular skill to learn among the young and old alike. As such, it is a fun, new skill to learn. Archery ranges have popped up all over the country, and lessons and instructors are readily available to you. 

The best part about learning archery is that you do not need to purchase your own bow in order to begin learning. All you have to do is head to the range and sign up for lessons.

If you are interested in learning other weaponry skills, fencing classes, gun ranges and shooting courses, and other weaponry skill courses are available to you as well. These new skills require concentration, focus, and self-discipline, which all work together to keep the mind and body sharp. 

As you can see, learning new skills is not just for kids and can be fun and interesting as an adult. Whatever skill you choose to learn this new year, you will be expanding the capacity of your mind and helping to improve mental skills such as concentration, memory, and reading comprehension. So, choose your new skill and get started as soon as possible.