Adding Entertainment Features To Your Bar

Posted on: 19 January 2015


If you are a bar owner, you may want to think about adding a few fun features to your establishment to have patrons stay inside longer. There are several ways you can add some entertainment to your bar, keeping your customers happy and busy while visiting. Here are a few ideas of things you may want to look into purchasing for your own bar.


One thing every good bar should have inside is a source of music for its patrons. You can invest in a good jukebox to keep customers entertained with music they enjoy. Jukeboxes come in a variety of models with different features. Some allow the patrons to place dollar bills inside to be able to make a few selections to be played. Others will allow customers to pick their selections through a phone application right from the comfort of their bar stool. The money is paid via credit card through the application they download. Some jukeboxes now carry a music video function, allowing customers to watch the music video on the televisions in the bar.

League Games

Placing a beer pong table from a retailer like Skip's Garage inside your establishment can bring in entertainment for groups as a whole. Many bars now hold beer pong competitions. The table allows cups to be set on top in a specific pattern and a person stands on each side of the table trying to throw ping-pong balls into the cups. There are variations in how to play the game and many people enjoy the challenge. This is a game where people enjoy having teams and leagues established to be able to play weekly, making it a game that will bring in repeat business to your establishment.

Pool tables are investment that will bring in repeat customers. Many people enjoy being on pool leagues, and you can be guaranteed business on nights you hold the competitions. You can also use the tables for individual play for the rest of the week.

Other Games

You can put a few dartboards on the walls to help people entertained. These are good for both teams and individual play. Table top trivia games are a popular item inside bars. These are wonderful for people who come to the bar alone, giving them something to do when they otherwise may feel a bit uneasy coming into a place where they do not know anyone. The games give singles a reason to stay in the bar longer. Gambling games may be available to place inside your bar, but you would need to check your local state's laws to see if you qualify for placing them.