Fun Gifts For A Dog Lover

Posted on: 15 January 2015


If you know someone who is obsessed with dogs, then the perfect gift will revolve around their canine companions. Here are some great gift ideas for a dog lover that are both functional and useful in the home.

Doggy door mats

When dogs go in and out of the home through their doggy door, they can bring with them debris and muddy paw prints. Delight your friend by giving them a doggy door mat designed to be decorative and provide clean paws. Funny dog mats offer quirky messages and  images, and give your dog lover friend something with personality they can use. Dog mats are versatile, and can be used inside or outdoors and even as sleeping mats for a cozy place for a furry friend to take a nap.

Water sanitation system

Yes, they do make these for dog water, which may sound strange considering most mutts love a drink right out of the toilet. Dog bowl sanitation systems are large jugs of water with built-in purifiers that deliver a fresh bowl of water anytime a dog needs a drink. Your dog-loving companion will love this thoughtful and useful gift, which allows them to always know their pampered pooch has access to clean water.

Doggy spa day

Any dog lover would appreciate a spa day for their dog. Contact your local grooming and boarding facility and pick up a gift certificate for a full brush out, bath, and fur trim. Any dog, large or small, can appreciate a fine bath and getting their nails clipped, and doggy parents can love this opportunity to give their pets a little extra TLC.

A donation to an animal shelter

For the compassionate dog lover, perhaps the biggest gift you can give is a donation to your local animal shelter in their honor. Any donation will do--your time, food, pet supplies, bedding, or even money. These make a huge difference in an organization that gives animals a second chance. Any dog lover would be honored to receive a gift such as this, and you can feel great about doing something for the good of local animals as well.

Dog lovers are all about their mutts, and giving a gift that revolves around their pooch is a great way to show someone you care. When you are thinking of getting something for a person who loves their canine companion, think of these great gifts that dogs and their owners alike can love.