Care Tips For Your Antique Watch

Posted on: 13 January 2015


Antique watches are a symbol of fine, detailed craftsmanship and timeless reliance. Caring for your antique watch often requires the same dedication as was given the piece when it was first made. Use these care tips for your antique watch so you can enjoy your beautiful timepiece even more and keep its legacy going strong.

Be careful in weather extremes

Antique watches are not designed to be used in any type of harsh weather conditions. Rain can cause moisture to enter your unit, or fog the lens and damage the intricate gears within your timepiece. The sun can do harm as well, and make your watch lose its accurate time if you leave your watch out in the heat for too long. Enjoy your watch and wear it whenever you want, just be careful to keep it out of extreme cold, moisture, and heat by removing your watch when you are outdoors or  wearing long sleeves.

Avoid wearing jewelry with your watch

Jewelry may seem like the perfect complement to your lovely antique timepiece, but it can actually cause harm to your delicate watch. Gemstones and metals can scratch the glass on the front of your watch and make it difficult to see through. If you want to wear jewelry with your antique watch, consider the following:

  • leather bracelets without gems
  • rings instead of bracelets
  • cuff accessories at the elbow, not the wrist

Perform regular maintenance

Even if your antique watch appears to be working normally, it still needs to be regularly serviced every few years. The lubrication on your watch can weaken over time, causing your unit to run on dry gears. Performing a regular maintenance and service check on your timepiece can help ensure that its gears and other mechanisms are working as they should and help maintain proper lubrication.

Do not perform watch repair yourself

There are many factors that can go into making your antique watch lose track of time or stop working entirely, including:

  • exposure to heat or cold
  • debris in the gears
  • lack of maintenance
  • poor lubrication
  • catching or broken gears

If your watch isn't working the way it's supposed to, take it to a professional jeweler or watch repair service like Jewelry Clinic and have them inspect your unit for you. The tiny gears and precision design that make your watch tick just right are not things you should attempt to dig into on your own. Doing so can actually cause irreparable damage to your favored piece.

Owning an antique watch is a true joy. Take care of your watch from the way you wear it to how you keep it in good repair, and you can enjoy your classic timepiece for decades more to come.