Baby Costume Ideas For Twins!

Posted on: 13 January 2015


Dressing up infants for Halloween is one of the highlights of parenthood.  Sure, when children get older, they'll want to choose their own outfits, but babies are at their parents' mercy and whether you're hoping to inspire laughs or looking for that perfect grandparent-wallet-worthy super-adorable snapshot, babies in costumes are sure to deliver.  And if you have twins, there's twice as much fun to be had.  Here are some suggestions for twin-tastic baby costumes.


You can get great inspiration for baby twin costumes by taking a stroll through the kitchen.  The classic is, of course, two peas in a pod, but cuisine-inspired costumes go way beyond that.  Bold-colored baby shirts and white hats make for a quick ketchup and mustard combo.  Milk and cookies are another classic.  (Double points if you add a striped straw to the milk twin's hat!)  Vinyl iron-on decals can be added to white baby outfits to whip up several other foodie favorites, such as a bacon and eggs or peanut-butter and jelly.  Or keep things simple and make two of the same yellow swaddled bundles and package them up like everyone's favorite cream-filled spongecake snacks.


If you don't feel right about making your babies look good enough to eat, you can turn to pop culture for a wealth of costume possibilities.  Just pick your favorite dynamic duo and, voila! Your twins will be the talk of the costume party.  Go vintage with mop-top dolls Raggedy Ann and Andy.  Instill a love of literature early by putting labels on red pajamas, donning blue wigs, and declaring your babies Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat.  Or if video games are more your style, Mario and Luigi-inspired costumes can be constructed relatively easily from colored felt and hot glue.  


If you're still struggling to find the perfect fit for your favorite two-some, you can also look for objects that naturally come in pairs.  A giant S on one baby, a giant P on the other, and suddenly you have Salt and Pepper.  A similar tactic using X and O (preferably in bright red!) nets you a hug and a kiss.  If you're willing to work a little harder, make flip flops or other footwear-inspired outfits--just be sure that the two costumes are mirror images of each other so no one can claim you have two left feet!  You could even construct six-sided costumes (complete with black dots) from cardboard and proudly explain that you've found paradise (pair of dice).

You won't get to decide how your children dress for long, so if you're fortunate enough to have twins make the most of your first couple Halloweens by taking advantage of some of these costume ideas perfect for pairs. For more information, contact Easley's Fun Shop or a similar company.